Sydney: Now a Well-Qualified Fisherman


Sharpening relationships, learning the importance of volunteerism, and strengthening communication skills were only a few of the valuable takeaways Sidney reflects on from his Jobs for Life (JfL) class at Neighbor to Neighbor Ministries. His JfL class enabled him to build stronger character, and aided in the fine-tuning of personal strengths he embodied before his class began. Sidney relishes in the fact that Neighbor to Neighbor Outreach walked alongside him, and assisted him in any way they could. Instead of giving him a fish, they truly taught him how to fish; he considers himself a well-qualified fisherman now. What set his Jobs for Life class apart from any other aid was the people who were helping Sidney, how they cared for him, and how they didn’t see him as just a number. “People need to know there are people out there who care.” Thanks to the skills and active business leaders involved with the Neighbor to Neighbor JfL class, Sidney is now employed.